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Me_cameraPony Gold is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles.  Raised in Northern California, Pony began studying photography and film art at an early age and since has continued into a life long passion and dedication to filmmaking.  Earning her way from the ground up with the goal of working as many different positions as possible, Pony has kept a strong focus on cinematography.  From gaffing to producing to directing Pony has developed an acute sense of what it takes to do it all and applies her abilities to each task with an iron clad work ethic.

She has had the great pleasure of working with many inspirational mentors such as Photographer Chris Cuffaro, Director Of Photography Cliff Traiman and Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska.  Pony lives to serve the psychological and emotional effect that a story can convey through light, composition and movement.

“Cinematography represents a concept of beauty that stands beyond the aesthetic aspects, something more intense that supports, follows and enhances the story where the camera can capture and show the transparency and the awareness of visuals drawn by the emotions.” Valentina Caniglia